100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring

Family Medicine Associates has partnered with 100Plus, the fastest-growing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform empowering doctors to manage their chronic patients remotely and proactively engage them to avoid expensive, episodic care and drive a higher quality of life. When a Medicare patient receives a 100Plus medical device, it’s at no cost to the patient or practice, fully configured, and ready to use out of the box – no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required(!)  (standard Medicare co-pay may apply). Family Medicine Associates aims to reduce hospitalizations and improve patient care by continuously monitoring at-risk seniors across our patient population.


UPDATE 4-27-2021: Only two weeks into this exciting new MEDICARE program, the response by our patients has been quite enthusiastic! We are literally seeing patients sign up and take delivery of their Glucose Monitors, Digital Blood Pressure Cuffs, and Digital Weight Scales.. daily! Our staff is excited as this really helps us to monitor our patients health and provide the best possible care.

We literally have hundreds of qualified patients who we strongly encourage to take advantage of this program. Our partner, 100Plus, is reaching out to them to answer questions, verify eligibility, and ship out their monitoring devices the same day.

If you are a Medicare patient and feel that you might benefit from RPM but have not been contacted by 100Plus, please call our office and let us know that you would like more information about this program. So far, it’s been a big hit with our patients!

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