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We’re still on our SUMMER EXERCISE KICK and today let’s look at HIKING!

If you’re already into hiking, that’s GREAT. If not, well, you don’t know what your missing! For starters, hiking is gentle on the joints. It’s as low-impact as every-day walking around, except that you’re walking with purpose. There are a lot of benefits 1) associated with hiking: mental, physical (Cardio!),  emotional, spiritual, and mood benefits as well, to name a few. Some people hike as a form walking meditation 2) or mindful meditation 3). Some people get into a flow state 4) when hiking, with all of great benefits of flow (i.e. being in the zone, etc.).

Whether you’re a loner and like to hit the trails by yourself or prefer company while on your hikes (aka excursion / traipse / walkabout) , the beauty of hiking is that you can do it your way!

Bottom Line: Hiking is Fun!

We thought you might like this awesome Hiking infographic series from Fix.com :

  • Whole Body Benefits of Hiking
  • Trail Difficulty Rating System
  • Safe Hiking Checklist

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, so enjoy!

Infographic titled Whole Body Benefits of Hiking

Thumbnail of Infographic titled Safe Hiking ChecklistInfographics Courtesy of fix.com

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