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Summer is the season to get outside and move, and EXERCISE is our focus this Summer! Great weather is here, so what are you waiting for! Well, to kick off our summer Exercise Kick (pun intended…), let’s start with Biking (aka:Cycling)!

Who didn’t ride a bike as a kid? It brings back fond memories: peddling around our neighborhoods with our friends, with family, or just by ourselves to get away for a while. We all know that cycling is a great, low impact cardio exercise. If you Google ‘Health Benefits of Cycling’ you’ll find hundreds of articles about this subject, listing the … health benefits. That’s all super important and good, and more on that BELOW. But one of the great things about Cycling is that it’s fun! People love to ride a bike because it makes them happy! So let’s get on our bikes and ride.. and be happy (and healthy)!

Instead of just publishing yet another bullet-point list of the Health Benefits of Cycling (yawn…) , we thought you might like this amazing infographic from a whole lot more!  We think it’s great and should provide plenty of enjoyable incentive for you to dust off your old Bike, get it tuned up, and hit the road!


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Tuesdays On The TrailDoctors Akinyele Lovelace, DO and Lance Reynolds, MD of Family Medicine Associates (Westfield) join us as our guest bicyclists; Mandi O’Brien of Tufts Health Plan and several Family Medicine Associates Staff will be our guest walker(s) on this Mid-Summer Eve! Please join us to celebrate healthy lifestyles, the trail, and meet new people along the way!

We will all start together at 6:00 pm with the option to choose your own distance and speed. Bicyclists ride to Shaker Farms trail head and return. Walkers go about 1 mile and return. Meet at the Main Street trail ramp (near Stop and Shop). PLEASE JOIN US!!!

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