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Knowing which vaccines you need is an important step toward protecting your health and that of your family, friends and coworkers.  Getting vaccines on time helps prevent illness before you’re exposed. Still, this can be easier said than done. There are so many factors to consider. Talk with your health care provider about the vaccines that might be recommended for your age, health status, and lifestyle. If you have a chronic health condition, you can find more information in our guide to vaccine recommendations for chronic diseases.

Just one example: Did you know people with asthma are at high risk of developing serious complications from the flu? Getting vaccinated is an important step in staying healthy.

What you can do right now, though, is follow the link below to take the CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz. By answering a series of question, you’ll be provided a customized list of recommended vaccinations tailored to your unique profile!

Find out which vaccines you may need at different times of life, and for your particular circumstances, by taking the CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz.

What Vaccines Do You Need?

OK – I took the quiz! Now What?

When you submit your answers to the CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz, you’ll be presented with your customized vaccination recommendations based on the answers that you provided. You’ll see something like this (this is just an example – your results will likely be different!)

Sample image of CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz Results


– See at the bottom of the Suggested Vaccines pages: PRINT HEALTHCARE PROVIDER FORM (outlined in a red box above). We recommend you click this! Doing so will generate a printable version of your results with fields to fill in so you can bring with you on your next visit to your provider, and review. It’ll look something like this (below):

Screenshot of printable form vaccination recommendations

Wow! CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has provided a great service here!

After completing the above steps you’ll have a completely customized report of Suggested Vaccines that CDC has conveniently formatted for you to present to your doctor/provider to review or plan a vaccination schedule – tailored to you. Just print it and bring with you to your next appointment.

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