he bad news: 1 in 4 older Americans age 65+ fall every year in the United States.1)  Falls are the No. 1 cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans! Falling can be extremely costly ( more than $31 billion in annual Medicare costs) financially and also  in quality of life.  The good news: Falls…

Hiker resting on a mountain

e’re still on our SUMMER EXERCISE KICK and today let’s look at HIKING! If you’re already into hiking, that’s GREAT. If not, well, you don’t know what your missing! For starters, hiking is gentle on the joints. It’s as low-impact as every-day walking around, except that you’re walking with purpose. There are a lot of…

man on a mountain bike doing a stunt
three casual cyclists on a bike path
woman racing bicycle race
photo of three men riding bicycles wearing cycling outfits
man riding a mountain bike on a beach
wide angle photo of cyclist
Mountain Biker approaching a forest path bicycle path
two women riding mountain bikes on a forest trail
photo of man's legs on bicycle

ummer is the season to get outside and move, and EXERCISE is our focus this Summer! Great weather is here, so what are you waiting for! Well, to kick off our summer Exercise Kick (pun intended…), let’s start with Biking (aka:Cycling)! Who didn’t ride a bike as a kid? It brings back fond memories: peddling…

ou may think of as one of those childhood illnesses that had been virtually eradicated  decades ago with the development of effective vaccinations. While this is largely true for many ‘classic’ (and terrible! ) childhood illnesses such as  polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps,  etc.,  Whooping Cough  (Pertussis), however,  has been a different story. It has been…

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