Required by the Federal Aviation Administration in order for pilot applicants to obtain Airman Medical Certification they must pass a flight physical. First, they must complete the medical application, which is the first section of Form 8500-8, the FAA Application for Airman Medical Certification, which includes items 1-20 of the medical certification application.

The FAA Flight Physical is Part 2 of the application. After electronically submitting our application, you will need to schedule an examination with one of our Aviation Medical Examiners (AME). This needs to be done within 60 days of completing the first part of your application. During your visit, questions 21-64 (the AME exam portion) will be completed.

A full body physical will be performed, which is regulated by the FAA.

The results of your exam will grant you First-Class Airman, Second-Class Airman, or Third-Class Airman.

For more information regarding FAA Flight Physicals, please visit www.faa.gov

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